21 April 2017

Famous Iraqis

From the darkness of this sad world, rise a strong and successful generation. I will share with you some of the successful (By my standards) Iraqi people. Some are new generation and some are not.

- Zaha Hadid: An Iraqi/British architect who has won many great medals and awards.
Kathem Al-Saher: The Caesar of Arabic Song. He is an Iraqi singer and song writer. He is one of the few people I wish to meet in person.
- Riverbend: An Iraqi blogger, author of Baghdad Burning. Her identity is a mystery but I don't think I will ever read an article as beautiful as one written by Riverbend.
- Huda Kattan: Known in the makeup world as HudaBeauty, she is a blogger and the creator of her own beauty line called Huda Beauty.
Jafar Dhia Jafar: He is an Iraqi nuclear physicist. A Successful business man and a great person.
Zainab Salbi: An Iraqi/American author, women's rights activist, humanitarian, social entrepreneur, and media commentator. She is the founder of Washington-based Women for Women International.
Salam Pax: The famous Iraqi blogger and creator of "Where Is Raed" blog. There is a book about him.
Mina AlSheikhly: An Iraqi fashion blogger. I first heard about her when she was a photographer, her talent grew into fame. She is well known in the middle east social media @minaalsheikhly.
Rifat Chadirji: He is the greatest modern architect of Iraq. He is also known as author and activist.
- Raya Ani: Powerful Iraqi architect and urban designer, owner of RAW-NYC Architects.
- Dewan Architects: One of the top ranking Iraqi-owned architectural firms in Dubai. I admire them because they support young talents. They offer internships to the winners of Tamayouz Excellence Award.