11 April 2017

Here we go again

The decision to write again was made. I have been thinking about blogging again for so long but I was worried that no one will be interested in reading an Iraqi blog again, but I will take my chances and hope to find you all again. Things have changed since I started Baghdad Girl blog in 2004- I have changed. Baghdad Girl blog used to talk about the difficulties and ugliness of war by the 13 years old me while Baghdad Girl: Part 2 will talk about the survival after war by the 20-something me. We all know that war is ugly and there is no need to state the obvious anymore.
I visited Baghdad last February for the first time since 2006. There are no words, pictures or videos that can describe what I felt when I saw my childhood home, my relatives and neighbours who still remembered the little girl I used to be. Last week, I saw clearly and personally the damage and consequences of war, not only in the destruction of civilisation and cultural values but the way our lives changed from that of our parents and grandparents. I am truly and deeply sorry for those who lost their chance of saying goodbye to their old lives, for they will never know how much we changed. This visit was a huge wake-up call for me. I realised that we (Those born in late 1980s and after) are a new generation who has to figure out how to live, we have no role models and we can't follow the footprints of our parents and grandparents because they either don't exist or can't work in this time. For example, our parents are struggling to figure out a retirement plan because there is no retirement system for refugees and those who live outside their home countries.
I will speak in this blog for my generation. We have no past and our future is unknown, but we will survive.